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I live and work in Tromsø, the northern lights city in the Arctic, also known as "Paris of the North". I have lived here more or less all my life, and have used nature as a second home since I was old enough to enjoy being outside. After a management, psychology, and economics education, and a long period of administrative work in the field of education, I decided to work more "on my feet", and in line with other interests and passions. In 2018, I completed a bachelor's degree in Arctic outdoor life at the University of Tromsø, where one of the years on Svalbard qualifies as an Arctic nature guide. Apart from Covid and a longer break, it has been the right choice.


I have a broad interest in the Nordic outdoor tradition, and over the years I have discovered many different fields within the subject that I find it exciting to work with. Large parts of the philosophy surrounding outdoor life, concern the meeting between man and nature  - and the fact that outdoor life has something to offer that is not usually found in the modern life that most people live today. After spending many hours with guests from all over the world, I feel confident that they appreciate a brief introduction to the history and traditions we grew up with, and live with on a daily basis.


With the establishment of the company The Arctic Moments in 2017, I had the opportunity to test theories and knowledge in a laboratory where much of my interest in the tourism industry found its place. Here I have experimented with text, images, product development, and sales to get to where I am today - in a continuous effort to become better, visible, and offer services to traveling guests and other nature-based travel companies in the region. My wish is that the nature guide finds its natural place in nature-based tourism and that the nature guide can contribute knowledge, experience, good stories, added value, and not least safety for companies and guests.


What perhaps motivates me the most is the diversity and variety of work tasks that surround the field of nature-based tourism, the meeting between people and cultures, and the opportunity to convey the beauty in the part of Norway where I grew up. With a mix of practical and academic background, I feel that nature-based tourism is the place to be at the moment - and it is important to remember that we sell so much more than views and accessibility, but also experiences, memories, emotions, security, mastery, a good chat, and knowledge.


Get in touch if you want to have a chat, I'm sure we can work together :-)


Guiding & photo

Certified nature guide



Norther lights

Nature photo

Drone license A1/A2/A3

Outdoorlife traditions

Basic dogsledding 





D1E with trailer

Commercial driving permit

Minibus health declaration 

Kjøreløyve TF-514


25+ years experience driving in arctic conditions

Minibuss på veien




SRC radio

Crowd & Crisis

Seaman health declaration 


Safety & first aid

ANG Svalbard

Weapons certified/polar bear protection

Army lvl. 2 paramedic

 Marin first aid

Wilderness safe guiding and first aid


Defibrillator certified

Yearly updates over the last 12 years. Last  in November 2023

Sertifiseringe 2
Video CV
Erfaring 2


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