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photo & dissemination

Photography & dissemination is something I am really passionate about. As a trained nature guide I believe it is important to take good care of the guests and give them as good an experience as possible during all parts of the experience. I also think it is important for the guests to bring new knowledge and good memories in their luggage when they set course for home.

Northern lights Tromso


Photos as an ending to an experience under the northern lights is one of the most important things you can give your guests - many companies also charge their guests and call it "extra service". Our experience is that many visitors, and perhaps especially in the dark season, do not have the knowledge or equipment to capture the memories they are hoping for.


Therefore I take care of the photography when I am on a trip with guests. Then guests can then enjoy the experience with their own eyes - whether it is the northern lights or the midnight sun that is in focus. On most occasions I take photos and guide, while sometimes I only concentrate on the photography. In the bright season, I also shoot some SoMe friendly videos that I put together and share with the guests.


I deliver most materials within 24 hours after the trip - edited, with your logo and in the format your company wants. At the bottom of the page here is a taste of some of what I have produced at work and on trips during recent years.

Hot water on the bonfire


I convey knowledge, inspiration and tips, for example through the blog on this page - some also in english. I am also on Facebook and Instagram.


In addition, I try on both short and long trips to convey history, culture, some reflections on nature, and very often the research and folk tales about the northern lights.


I want to disseminate knowledge based on research and formal experience. I believe that I can help create emotions that allow guests to both have good experiences and at the same time take home a better relationship with nature than they had when they first arrived. As a nature guide I think it is important to bring in knowledge from several relevant fields.


If you want me to write about something particular, or you have relevant writings you want to publish at the page. please get in touch.



Over the years I have given many lectures, both on land and at sea. I have good knowledge of what works for different types of guests, both in terms of polar history and more technical courses in for example, northern lights photography, knots or navigation with maps & compass.


My experience, after guiding a few thousand visitors through northern lights photos, is that guests are better prepared and get more out of the experience with an hour-long course in basic photography and the use of manual settings - preferably just before the excursion. Maybe you can also get away from spending time during the excursion setting up your guests' cameras and mobile phones when the sky goes green?


This is something I intend to try from the autumn of 2022 and during 2023. Feel free to get in touch if thisis something you would consider doing for your guests.

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