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Reidar D. Arnesen

arctic nature guide

My name is Reidar and I run The company started with the idea that there is a need for a flexible and local operator in nature-based tourism and an operator who can contribute in several fields. The Nature Guide brings education, experience, and expertise into an area of tourism that is developing well, where the number of guests increases annually and where there is a need for both manpower, good ideas, and support. Naturguiden therefore works broadly with other companies and into daily operations with marketing material, transport, lectures, administration, and text - and not least where there is a need for extra hands to guide both in calm and more hectic periods.


Naturguiden is a collaborative partner with integrity who wants to provide other operators and other tourism products with quality and added value. The philosophy of the Nature Guide has its roots in traditional outdoor life, and the desire is to give guests authentic experiences in both small and large groups, where close contact with the elements, experiences, knowledge, and mastery are important objectives.


I hope that together we can also lift the profession of nature guiding, and raise the status of the profession among companies that need people with the heart and knowledge for communication and outdoor activities - and who have particularly good experience in arctic conditions. Send me a few lines if you are curious about what I can contribute to you and your company, and then I hope we can meet over a cup of coffee before too long.


Want to join us on tour?

Naturguiden has a separate booking page for described excursions in the area around Tromsø. We call this The Arctic Moments by The Nature Guide. If you can't find something that suits you, just get in touch with a description of what you have in mind, and we'll see what we can do. With local knowledge and experience from the area, we are pretty sure we can make you happy.

Northern lights on a cold evening 2024
NL Timelapse Tromsø October 2023 #travel #nature #northernlights #auroraborealis #timelapse
A small part of the Sommarøy Coastal Tour with The Arctic Moments.